Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Rotting Apple Experiment

My daughters and I recently set up an experiment to see how different substances can affect the rate at which an apple slice rots.  We cut up an apple into several slices, placed a single slice in several canning jars, and then placed a small amount of a substance in each jar.  We then closed the lids and will closely monitor how quickly each slice rots.  Here's what we have in each jar.

Jar 1 - Nothing.  This is our control jar to see how an apple slice rots from air alone.

Jar 2 - Water.

Jar 3 - Salt.  Salt absorbs moisture.

Jar 4 - Baking Soda.

Jar 5 - Brown Sugar.

Jar 6 - White Sugar.  Is there a difference between white and brown sugar and its affect on an apple slice?  We shall find out.

These apples will definitely be harmed in this experiment, but in the process we will learn something!  :-)

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