Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Bad For Your Eyes?

How many of you had parents who told you that sitting too close to the TV would hurt your eyes?  How many of you AS parents have told your kids that sitting too close to the TV hurts your eyes?  I'm guessing quite a few.  But guess what?  This isn't true.  It's a misconception.  Sitting too close to the TV doesn't harm your eyes.  If you're child is often sitting very close, this could be a sign of nearsightedness, but the nearsightedness is not caused by sitting too close.

Personally I think it's weird when my kids stand right next to the TV and I tell them to move back and sit on the couch.  I'm also worried that when they stand right next to the TV, they'll accidentally get rowdy and bump the TV, knock it down, and break it.  So when I tell my kids to sit away from the TV, I'm not worried about their eyesight, I'm worried about the safety of my TV.  :-)

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