Monday, May 5, 2014

The National Eagle Center

Recently my family and I did a bit of traveling through the Midwest over Spring Break.  We had the opportunity to visit the National Eagle Center, located in Wabasha, Minnesota.  Located right on the Mississippi river, the center offers a great opportunity to view eagles close up, as well as many others flying around in the wild.

The center has a few eagles held in captivity.  These are eagles that have been injured in the past (car accidents, lead poisoning, etc.) that can no longer fly on their own and thus cannot survive in the wild.  Both of my daughters were amazed at the eagles.  Here are a couple of pictures we took.

One of the eagles, Angel, was missing from her home area and this deeply concerned my 3 year old.  Angel was visiting a nearby VA hospital, but this was not a satisfying response to my daughter!  She was really worried about Angel and couldn't understand why she was missing!  Fortunately Angel returned just as we were leaving and my daughter was able to meet her.  

The center has a nice indoor display of eagles, but if you visit in the summer, you can walk around the trail by the river and drive around looking for eagles.  It's a very scenic area.  Plus, I highly recommend the Irish Pub, The Old Triangle Pub, just a block or two away.  Delicious food!

If you find yourself in southeast Minnesota, definitely take some time to visit the National Eagle Center.  

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