Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers of this blog!  May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with joy and happiness....and a little bit of science!  :-)  Although not everyone has the same meal on Thanksgiving Day, it is very common for a turkey to be served.  A turkey has bones in it.  Instead of throwing those bones away, why not do a bit of science with them?

Grab a couple of turkey bones and clean them so there's no fat and/or turkey left.  Have your child(ren) test the strength of the bones by bending them.  They should notice that the bones are hard to bend.  Next fill a jar with vinegar, drop the bones inside, and close the jar.  Let sit for 3 days, take out the bones, rinse them, and test the strength.  Do the bones bend?  They should!

Normally one does this with chicken bones since it is more common to have chicken bones than turkey bones, but one can easily modify this on Thanksgiving when turkey is more likely to be served.

I haven't done this experiment with my kids yet, but I think later today we'll test it out!

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