Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Minnesota History Center

Over my Spring Break last month I had the opportunity to visit the Minnesota History Center located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My kids were still in school so they were unable to make the trip, but I've concluded that this is a fantastic museum that I will one day bring my kids to visit.

The Minnesota History Center, which includes both a museum and a library, has several different history exhibits, including one that rotates on a regular basis.  I spent about two hours browsing through the exhibits and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

I lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for five years as a grad student and never made a visit to this history museum.  Boy did I miss out!  I hope an opportunity presents itself to take my daughters to this museum as I think they would enjoy it.
If you ever find yourself in the area, take time to visit this museum for a morning or afternoon.  St. Paul also has a great downtown area with other things to do (they have a fantastic science museum) as well as many amazing places to eat!

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