Thursday, July 13, 2017

Karate Kid III

As a family we've been working through the Karate Kid movies.  Most recently we watched Karate Kid III.  Just like Karate Kid II, Karate Kid III begins immediately after the previous movie.  And I mean immediately!  Karate Kid III starts with Daniel and Mr. Miyagi stepping off the plane on their return trip from Japan to the U.S.

Karate Kid III tries to bring back the magic of the original.  Through a series of events Daniel finds himself back in the tournament he won the previous year, in an attempt to defend his title.  The villains in the movie are classic 1980s villains.  In other words, they are WAY over the top in their villain ways!  Why do I say that?  Listen to the laugh of the main villain.  It is a way over the top, crazy, insane laugh that only a 1980s villain could pull off.  :-)  My 6 year old thought this was funny.

Both kids enjoyed the movie.  I vaguely remember a few parts of this movie, but I'm not sure I ever watched this movie from start to finish.  I simply did not remember much of it if I did.  Next up to watch is The Next Karate Kid which stars Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi and a young Hillary Swank.  Karate Kid III was the last with Ralph Macchio.


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