Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trip to Scotland

A couple of weeks ago, from the third week of June to early July, my family and I took a two week vacation to Scotland.  I'll sum our trip up in one word:  Amazing!!!  Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing our experiences.

We started our trip flying into Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is not pronounced with a hard 'g' like Pittsburgh.  It's pronounced Ed-in-bur-ah.  We spent three nights in Edinburgh and then drove up to the Inverness area, staying in Beauly for three nights.  We then drove down along Loch Ness, kept going, and stayed in Dunoon for four nights before heading back to Edinburgh for a night before flying out.  Basically we made a big circle around a good chunk of Scotland.  

Along the way we saw several castles, including Inveraray Castle shown above.  We also toured a couple of whiskey distilleries/shops and came home with quite a few bottles of Scotch Whiskey.  LOL!    We also took a car on a boat ferry for the first time too.  I'll explain much more in future posts, but this Scotland trip was absolutely amazing!  I highly, highly encourage you to take your family to Scotland if at all possible.  There is NO WAY you will regret a vacation to Scotland!

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