Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teacher Your Kids How to Vote

I try to stay away from politics on this blog, but every once in a while I feel the need to discuss politics and science.  I'm it up today because voter registration deadlines for the November 2014 elections are quickly approaching in many states.  A few states have same day voter registration, but in many states, you must be registered well ahead of time to vote.  Some of these states have registration deadlines in just a few days, well ahead of the actual elections in November.

The voting bloc by age that has the lowest turnout rate is the 18-29 year old bloc.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that the younger generation doesn't see how politics can directly affect their lives.  You can help remedy this by teaching your kids, at a young, pre-voting eligibility age, the importance of voting.  Take your kids to the voting polls!  My wife and I have taken our daughters to the voting polls with us since they were tiny babies in car seat carriers.  As they grew older, I talked to them about why I vote and how to vote.

If you need to register to vote, take your kids with you to the county building/courthouse to register to vote.  Or stay home and do it.  In many states, you can register at home online.  Sit with your child and go through the 5 minute voter registration process and explain what you're doing.  Politics plays a direct role in science, whether it's the acceptance of climate change by politician or the funding that Congress provides for basic research.  Without proper funding, proper research can't be done, and our country falls farther behind in science and engineering.

Not sure how to register or not sure if you're already registered?  Check the link below.  Click on your state and it will take you to your state's voter information page where you can find information on registering to vote and where to vote.

How and Where to Vote 

Getting your kids to be an active role in the voting process starts with you, the parent.  Be a responsible parent!

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