Monday, September 29, 2014

The Spider Monkey

Earlier this month my 4 year old had an animal project assignment at her pre-school.  She had to pick an animal, learn several facts about this animal, and then present it to her class.  My 7 year old did the same project 3 years ago and she picked a rhinoceros.  My 4 year old chose a monkey.  There are many types of monkeys so I took her to the computer and we looked up pictures of different types of monkeys.  She eventually chose the spider monkey.

We learned several cool facts about spider monkeys and her favorite pictures were those of spider monkey babies.  Very cute, I must admit.  Then she told her mom, my wife, about spider monkeys and the next day the two of them put together a craft/art project for her presentation.

Very cool!  We all had fun on this project and the best part was that not only did my 4 year old learn about spider monkeys, but so did my wife and I!  

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