Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Auto-Cleaning a Stove

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I decided to auto clean the interior of our kitchen stove.  Most stoves have an auto clean feature.  You close the door, click the auto clean button, listen to the door lock, and wait 3 hours.  The temperature inside gets so hot that any food residue on the interior walls becomes ash and falls off.  Then after cooling down, the door unlocks and you wipe out the ash. Simple, right?  For us, apparently not!

Neither of us paid any attention to the objects sitting on the ledge of the stove above the control panel.  It becomes hot enough on the stove to melt anything that melts.  The salt and pepper shakers were fine, but we also have several candle jars sitting on the stove.  The small candles melted completely inside, which is okay as they did not produce any mess on the outside.  However, there was a strawberry shortcake stand alone candle sitting on the stove.  The thing completely melted, dripping down the control panel.  Poor strawberry shortcake!  Fortunately we caught it before the wax cooled and hardened, otherwise we'd be scraping for hours!

The best part of this adventure?  Our 4 year old comes in the kitchen later and asks us what we are cooking because the kitchen smells so good...due to all of the melted candles!

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