Thursday, April 23, 2015

Does Methane Smell?

We all know that human farts don't smell very good, but what causes the stink?  The common answer is methane, but is that the real answer or just a misconception.  It turns out methane causing the stink of a fart is just a misconception.  Methane itself is an odorless gas and therefore can't be the cause of a smelly fart.  So what is the real cause?

Now that we know methane is an odorless gas, let's ask ourselves if methane is even a component of a common fart.  Is that a misconception too?  In this case it is NOT a misconception.  A human fart has methane as a common component.  The most common components are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane.  In fact, 99% of a fart is composed of non-smelly gasses.  It's that 1% that causes everyone to run from the room screaming.  That 1% consists of sulfur compounds.  

I know you've enjoyed reading this post (LOL!) and now you are knowledgeable regarding farts.  Be sure to use this new found knowledge for good in the world.  :-)

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