Monday, April 27, 2015

Return of the Brontosaurus?

As a kid I grew up knowing and loving the Brontosaurus, one of the most commonly known dinosaurs.  I later learned, to my great dismay, that the Brontosaurus was one big misconception!  The first use of Brontosaurs was in 1879 but by 1903 it was realized the Brontosaurus was the same as the Apatosaurus.  Thus the end of the Brontosaurus.  It stuck around in many books and continued to be known as a real dinosaur, leading to the confusion of many when they learned the truth.

Recent studies, however, suggest the Brontosaurus should be resurrected as the fossil record shows differences between it and the Apatosaurus.  

The little kid in me is super excited about this because it means my favorite dinosaur as a kid was indeed a real dinosaur!  A piece of my childhood is restored!!!  :-)

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