Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Kindergartner's Dinosaur Book

A couple of weekends ago my 5 year decided she wanted to write her own dinosaur book.  My wife gathered up some materials to construct a book and my daughter spent part of the afternoon creating pages for the book and putting together a story.

My 5 year old is just learning to construct sentences, so my wife wrote the story and my 5 year old illustrated it.  The book contains about 5 to 6 pages of a dinosaur and its story.  Super cute!  It's amazing what kids can do with their imagination when parents let them use it.  Too often parents force their kids into too many structured activities.  There's a place and a good reason for structured activities, but there needs to be a good balance between structure and free play.  It's the free play where amazing things can happen, such as a dinosaur book!

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