Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Excitement of Books

Reading to your kids on a consistent basis when they are young and letting them see you excited while reading will produce adults who are excited to read.  That's me as an adult.  Take me into a library or used bookstore and I'm like a little kid walking into a toy store for the first time.  I don't want to leave!  I love books!  I love to read!  I dedicate time to reading each day!  Yet I want more time to read than is available in my lifetime!  The other day at parent teacher conferences where I work (I was the teacher), a parent gave me the two NASA published books below.

Super cool!  I think the parent wasn't sure if I'd like this gift, but I did!  I may not have shown it as much on the outside as I did on the inside, but I love books and these are astronomy books!  AWESOME!  Read to your kids.  Read yourself.  Express excitement over reading and your kids will be lifelong readers themselves!

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