Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Doctor Who Introduction

Recently I introduced my daughters to Doctor Who.  I started watching old classic episodes of Doctor Who, that started in the early 1960s, a few years ago.  I'm currently on on the last season of the third Doctor.  We had a rainy weekend a few weekends ago, so my kids and I decided to watch the first season of modern Doctor Who, starting with the 9th Doctor in the 2005 reboot of the series.  LOVED IT!  We are only a couple of episodes in to the first season of the reboot, but my kids absolutely loved it and so did I.  My 6 year old had so many questions about the Doctor that it was hard to keep a straight face.  Explaining how the TARDIS works to them wasn't exactly easy either.  Of course it's bigger in the inside than the outside!!!

We'll keep watching the series and I encourage you to do so as well.  If you are a Amazon Prime member, you can stream them for free on Amazon Video...for now.  Contracts change all the time, so hard to tell if/when it leaves Amazon Prime and switches to Netflix, Hulu, or something else.  Watch it now while you can!

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