Monday, May 8, 2017

Science Discoveries in 2016

We are now in the 5th month of 2016, but I just ran across this article and it was a good reminder of how great science was in 2016.  There were a number of very cool, very meaningful discoveries!  These included gravitational waves, strong evidence for a 9th planet in the Solar System, and the discovery of a planet in the closest star system to us, at only 4.2 light years away.  The article I ran across lists the top ten discoveries of 2016.

The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Scientific Discoveries of 2016

Take a look at them and see if there's anything you missed!  Now let's look at 2017.  This year has taken a huge hit as a result of the current U.S. White House administration's push to ignore climate change despite the overwhelmingly evidence in support of a warming planet.  Morale at government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, is at an all time low and budget proposals, if pushed into action, will devastate the progress of science in the United States.

Fortunately these budget cuts have yet to take place and there has still been some good science this year.  The discovery of a solar system 39 light years away with an Earth like planet in a habitable zone is a HUGE discovery.  There will be more!  Tune in at the start of 2018 to see what were considered the top science discoveries in 2017.

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