Saturday, August 4, 2012

Valuable Slip and Slide Lesson

Last night my daughters and I learned a very valuable slip and slide lesson.  We last used the slip and slide this past Monday.  This was the second time we've used it.  The first time we used it I set up the kiddie pool in the morning to let the water warm up and then laid out the slip and slide just before using it.  On Monday, I set up the kiddie pool and the slip and slide in the morning thinking nothing of it.  We used it in the afternoon and then as soon as we were done I drained the water, rolled it up, and put it away.  Last night while checking the garden, I noticed the following in my yard.

Dead grass where the slip and slide was!

I never thought that the slip and slide would kill my grass!  It didn't kill the grass the first time, so I've come to the following conclusion.  Monday was a hot 90+ degree day.  Setting the slip and slide up a couple of hours before using it provided the time for the Sun to warm the slip and slide material, creating an "oven" beneath it.  Water on the slip and slide keeps the material cool, but with no water for a couple hours the temperature underneath must have reached a high enough temperature to kill off the grass.  It did an excellent job killing the grass too.  In the middle of this patch there are no green blades of grass.  None!

A very valuable science lesson was learned by the entire family.

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