Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Microscope = Great Gift

I mentioned in a previous post that my wife and I gave my seven year old a microscope for Christmas.  Not that I was every worried, but she loved it!  She's been grabbing different things around the house and out of the house to look at.  She hasn't quite gotten the hang of what you can and can't look at through a microscope, but the learning process of trial and error will greatly benefit her later in life.  For example, she went out and grabbed a big stick from the back yard, placed it on a plate, and then told my 4 year old to look at the stick.  My four year old says:

"It just looks black!"

LOL!  Yes, it does just look black because the stick is thick, with no light traveling through and blocks the entire field of view!

Next up for my seven year old is a snow flake!

Which microscope should you buy?  We didn't buy anything fancy or expensive.  Here's the one we bought her:

Educational Insights Micropro

As you can tell, it's nothing fancy, it's not made of high quality material, but it's also less than $40.  So far it has worked great as an introductory, teaching microscope for a seven year old.

Consider one for your kids.  I'm guessing they'll love it!

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