Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Swimming After Eating?

As kids we probably heard several statements from our parents that we questioned or didn't understand why they were true.  As parents, we've probably said some of those same things to our kids.  One example I discussed on this blog concerned how close one sits to a TV and whether or not it is harmful to one's eyes.  Spoiler alert, it's not!

Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Bad for Your Eyes? Nope!

Let's try another one.  Is swimming right after eating a meal dangerous?  Most of us were probably told yes.  It turns out that the answer is no.  There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that it is dangerous to swim after eating or that one should wait at least 1 hour after eating before swimming.  There are no reported cases of someone drowning as a result of having just ate.  A common explanation is that you are more likely to cramp after eating and this could prevent you from staying afloat.  Again, no research backs up this claim.

You Shouldn't Eat After You Swim? (Check #3)

Here are a couple of other sources stating the same thing.

Swimming After Eating?

Do You Really Have to Wait to Swim After Eating?

Do you Have to Wait 30 Minutes to Swim After Eating?

The conclusion is clear.  Go ahead, hop in the pool, lake, or ocean and swim away after eating.  I suppose you don't want to gorge yourself to the point of throwing up, but aside from that, there is absolutely no danger to swimming directly after eating.

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