Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Balancing Bottle

Got a few minutes of time to kill?  Try out the Balancing Bottle experiment.  You need an empty rootbeer/beer bottle and a dollar bill.  Place the dollar bill on the table and place the bottle upside down on the dollar bill.  The goal is to pull the dollar bill out from under the bottle without the bottle tipping over.  Easier said than done.  See our video below.

The trick is pulling the dollar bill out as quickly as possible.  Too slow and there's too much friction between the bottle and dollar bill, causing the bottle to tip over.  My daughters weren't able to pull the dollar bill out fast enough, but I finally got it on the try in the video above.  It was cool seeing how long the bottle wobbled before settling back to a rest.  

If you have bottles of different sizes you can test which bottles work better.  Tall?  Short?  Fat?  Skinny?  What about a full bottle?  Does a full bottle work better than an empty bottle?  If you use a full bottle, you may want a towel ready to go in case the bottle breaks.  

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