Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Best Gift to Your Soccer Coach

I currently coach youth soccer at the U8 level.  I have twelve 6 and 7 year old kids this season, which just finished up this past weekend.  At times it is quite exhausting and frustrating, but in the end it is a ton of fun.  I started coaching four years ago when my youngest daughter starting playing when she was 3.  A couple of weeks ago I received the best gift a kid could give his/her soccer coach.  I received the note shown below from a kid at the beginning of practice one day.

Ah...I taught this kid 'good'.  LOL!  Love this note on a hotel notepad!  It's these moments that make coaching youth soccer so worth it.  If you ever get the chance, and you likely will, I highly encourage you to volunteer to coach your kid's local recreational sports team.  Leagues are always looking for volunteer parents to coach at the rec level.  In fact, leagues don't happen without volunteer parents.  You don't need coaching experience or really any experience in the sport you are coaching, in particular at the lower age levels.  Most leagues will offer some basic coaching training for free.  When I started, I had no coaching experience and NEVER played organized soccer. So if you have the opportunity, jump at it!  It's a wonderful experience!

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