Thursday, June 1, 2017

U.S. Push for Full Anti-Science

Yesterday the U.S President announced the U.S was pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement it entered into in December 2015.  The Paris Climate Agreement was signed by roughly 190 countries all agreeing to make necessary contributions to combat climate change and keeping global temperatures from increasing beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius above historical norms.  An increase of 1.5 degrees will still cause sea level rises and result in conflict across the globe (largely due to climate changed caused droughts), as well as hundreds of billions of dollars spent addressing the consequences.  However, it prevents the worst of climate change damage to this planet.

The U.S., the second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses (behind China) announced it was pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, joining only two countries, Nicaragua and Syria, as the only ones not part of the agreement to make this world a healthier place.  Why?  That's a good question and one my two daughters cannot even comprehend.  Making the world a healthier place is common sense to them.  Why wouldn't we work to protect the planet and create new, green jobs, as a result?

It certainly has nothing to do with science as the science of climate change is very clear.  The planet is warming and humans are the direct cause of this warming.  There is no denying this.  The facts are in.  The current administration and the current controlling party of Congress (Republicans) flat out deny the science in favor of big money interests and tax cuts to the rich.

I've always tried to keep politics limited on my blog, but when an entire political party denies science and knowingly puts my kids, and all other kids, at risk, I'm not going to stay quiet.  I will be blunt.  If you support this President and this particular move by this President, you are either a denialist or ill-informed. The Paris Climate Agreement is an easy decision.  The facts are very clear.  The science could not show us a clearer path to the future of this planet if we sit and do nothing.  Yet the Republican President and the Republican Congress are choosing to do just that.  They are anti-science and so are many of their supporters.

You have the right to favor the pull out from the Paris Climate Agreement based on the argument of not believing the science.  But if you do, throw away your phone.  Turn off the AC to your house, stop driving your car, don't go to the doctor, skip brushing your teeth, crush your glasses, turn off the hot water heater, and trade your refrigerator in for an ice box.  Science brought you all of that and much, much more.  Be anti-science if you wish, but if you do, avoid the hypocrisy by avoiding all of the conveniences science has brought you.  

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