Thursday, June 15, 2017

West Virginia Trip Post #3 - West Virginia State Museum

While visiting the West Virginia capitol building last month on a school trip, we stopped at the West Virginia State Museum.  In fact, the desk inside the capitol building was unmanned, so I was unable to get my capitol book stamped.  We had to head over to the State Museum to get the stamp.  It was well worth the detour as the museum is excellent and packed full of West Virginia history.  Much of the museum focuses on the coal industry in West Virginia, but it hits on many other areas of West Virginia history as well, including West Virginia's very own potato chip company, Mister Bee!

I bought bag of these chips later in the trip.  Meh.  They were okay, but not great.  There's also an interesting, and very weird story, about 'dressed fleas'.  Seriously, dressed fleas!  See the image below for the story.

When you make your trip to the West Virginia capitol building, make sure to save a couple of hours to visit the State Museum, just across the sidewalk from the capitol.  If your experience is similar to mine, you'll have to go there to get your capitol book stamped.  Funny story.  The guy at the State Museum argued he was much better at stamping the capitol books than the people in the actual capitol building.  LOL!

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