Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If you are a parent of a younger child then you most certainly know what a Squinkie is.  In fact, you probably have a ton of then lying around the house.  Not sure what a Squinkie is?  Check out the following link for a quick catch-up on today's hot toy.

What is a Squinkie?

Here are a couple of picturs of some of the Squinkies that live in my house.

Here are a few things I've learned about Squinkies over the last few months.

1.  Within 1 hour of opening a package of Squinkies, your child(ren) will have lost at least one of them.
2.  Your children will fight over the Squinkies.
3.  You will find Squinkies buried in the couch cushions.
4.  You will find Squinkies in your bed sheets.
5.  You will probably vacuum up a Squinkie by accident and pretend you didn't.  :-)
6.  You will find Squinkies in the weirdest places in your house, including your bathroom.
7.  If you have a younger child (2 - 3 years), it's very likely that at any given moment in time, she will have a Squinkie or two in her fist.
8.  You will find Squinkies in your car.
9.  You will curse over the Squinkies you find everywhere (found one just the other day sitting on top of the toilet tank!).
10.  Despite all of this, you will continue to buy Squinkies, because you find them kind of cool to look at.  :-)

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