Thursday, January 3, 2013

Potty Training Part III

Here's part III in an ongoing series of potty training our 2 year old.  You can read the first two parts here and  here.  Over Christmas break this year we visited family across a couple of states and as a result, did quite a bit of driving.  With driving comes several rest stops.  On the way back home we stopped at a gas station to fill up and take a potty break.  While I was waiting for my wife and daughters to finish up in the bathroom I was checking out the news on my phone.  All of a sudden my 2 year old comes running around the corner yelling "I did it!  I went potty!"  This was loud enough for anyone in the gas station to clearly hear.  She was super excited because she went potty on the potty.  Our older daughter was always excited too when she went potty on the potty as she was training.  A parent can't help but smile when their child gets excited about going potty!

Along with this, my 2 year old daughter received an RV toy for her doll house for Christmas.  One of the "features" of this RV is that it comes with a potty.

She also received a "grandpa" doll to go along with the "mommy", "daddy", "sister", "brother", and "grandma" dolls she already owns.  The "grandpa" doll apparently has a few intestinal issues because he's spent a considerable amount of time on the potty, with the 2 year old shouting "grandpa is going potty" or "grandpa is going poopy"!

Whatever it takes to potty train her works for me!  If that's a grandpa doll sitting on an RV potty, then so be it!

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