Thursday, June 12, 2014

Americans Doubting Science

The state of science approval in the United States is downright pathetic.  It amazes me how many people ignore science and instead go with their beliefs, refusing to look at the evidence right in front of them.  For example, a recent poll came out discussing people's approval of varies sciences facts.  And by facts (I could also use the word theory), I mean statements backed up by evidence.

New Poll Reveals Many Americans Express Doubt Over Global Warming, Evolution, Big Bang

In this article, it's stated that only 51%  do NOT accept the Big Bang!  Really?  Despite the overwhelming evidence, 49% do not accept or are either unsure on the Big Bang.  Sigh.  Numbers are just as bad for the age of the Earth, climate change, and evolution.

On the bright side, only 4% doubt that smoking causes cancer, leaving some hope for humanity.

I encourage you to continue introducing your children to science.  Don't let them be a person who ignores the evidence science presents in its statements.


  1. The Big Bang, is at best, a stretch theory. I'm not sure what hard evidence you may have encountered that makes you so sure of it. I don't know how the universe was created, but one thing I'm sure of is that nobody else does either.

  2. I appreciate your comment but you are confused on the definition of 'theory'. A scientific theory has the same level of confidence as a scientific law. Both a scientific law and theory are based on a great deal of data/evidence. The difference is that a law is mathematical in nature and a theory is not. That's it. A scientific theory is very different from the use of the word in general conversation. So to simply say that we don't know the Universe was not caused by the Big Bang is simply not true. The evidence is very clear that our Universe began with the Big Bang.