Monday, June 23, 2014


Read something on Facebook that you're just not sure is true?  See a quote on Facebook that you're not sure is attributed to the person stated?  Think someone is misleading you on the science of something?  Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are being mislead or if someone is telling the truth on an issue.  If you're not sure, a great website that does a fantastic job of debunking or verifying claims is Snopes.


Snopes has entries on hundreds, if not thousands of different topics.  If I'm not sure on something someone has said or something I've read, I'll first go to Snopes to see if they have an entry on it.  This is also a great teaching moment for your kids.  If they are questioning something someone said, sit down and check out Snopes with them.  See what you can find and discover the truth WITH your child!  It's a moment that you, and your child, will never forget!

As kids, you and I didn't have these tools to discover the truth.  It was much harder to see through a misconception or a lie.  Today, with tools such as Snopes, there's no excuse for not verifying something that sounds fishy.

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