Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Science Experiments with Peeps

Easter was 2+ months ago, but if you're like my family, you still have a ton of peeps leftover that no one is eating.  What's a peep?  If you're asking that question, you must live in a closet!  Here's a peep.

A peep is basically a marshmallow coated in some sugary substance.  If I've ever eaten a peep in my life, I can't recollect that moment.  They are not something I ever intend to eat.  But I will subject these little guys to science experiments.  

So if you have leftover peeps, there are quite a few science experiments you can do on peeps.  Here are a few my family tested recently.

1.  Put a peep in a glass or room temperature water.

After a good hour in the water, we took it out to examine the peep.  The sugary coating on the peep dissolved in the water and what was left was a squishy ball of peep goo!

2.  Freeze a peep.  Place it in a freezer for an hour or so.  It will shrivel up into a rock hard ball of...well, peep goo!


3.  Microwave a peep!

The microwaved peep quickly expands and turns into a hot pile of goo!

4.  Place a peep in a cup of boiling water.

This experiment was quite cool!  Once dropped in the very hot water, the sugar dissolved off the surface of the peep and the peep quickly dissolved in the water, turning it blue!  We had a blue peep.

5.  Burn a peep.  

The peep eventually turned into a big ball of ash/char.  Yummy!  Not!  

What else can you do with peeps?  Think about what else you and your kids can do with peeps.  Just be sure to take proper safety measures and always make sure there's an adult around to supervise young children as they experiment with peeps.

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