Friday, June 20, 2014

This Blog's History: Are GMOs Harmful?

This Friday in This Blog's History I bring back to you a post on something very controversial in today's society:  GMOs.  Are they harmful?  Are they bad for your health?  You can read the original post below for more details.

Are GMOs Harmful?

At this point in time, the science does not point to them being directly harmful to your body.  However, it may be that the farming practices used and business practices used by GMO companies can be bad for the environment, future crop productions, and potentially the economy.  However, eating a GMO product is not bad for your health, according to studies testing GMOs.  GMOs have been around for centuries and, if used correctly in combination with organic farming, are a necessary tool to combat the growing global hunger problem.

Here's one such article on one such misleading statement regarding the affects of eating GMO products.

Monsanto Corn

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