Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Beauty of Garden Tomatoes

I've mentioned previously on this blog that my family and I have a 16' by 16' garden in our backyard where we usually grow tomatoes and peppers each year, along with a few other items that we rotate from year to year.

Gardener in Training

If you've never eaten a tomato fresh from your own garden, then you've never tasted a real tomato.  Tomatoes you by in stores have been genetically modified (nothing wrong with this) for freshness as the tomatoes are transported from farm to store.  But by doing so, much of the taste has been zapped out.  Nothing beats a fresh garden tomato.  The other cool thing is the color.  Tomatoes are not just red.  Tomatoes can be red, orange, green, white, yellow, purple, or blue depending on the variety.  Check out this bowl of cherry tomatoes my 7 year old plucked from the garden the other day.

How does that not look delicious? My 7 year old loves tomatoes and it's often a battle between me and her as to who gets the last one!  I'm still working on my 4 year old.  She'll help pick them from the garden, but won't try them.  Then again, she's in a stage where she's picky about all foods and fights over most food items placed in front of her.  Hoping this stage ends soon!

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