Wednesday, February 25, 2015

101 Cool Science Experiments

My 7 year old is constantly on the lookout for science experiment books.  Whenever she goes to her school's library our our local public library, she looks for, and often finds, a new science experiment book.  The other day she found this one.

101 Cool Science Experiments.  Several of these experiments we've done before, but the book gave us several new ideas to test out.  My daughter placed book marks on several pages to mark experiments she wants us to test out.  She was a bit disappointed when a I told her a few of them will have to wait until summer since they require outside plants or dirt (currently frozen).  However, several are inside experiments and the ones that are not give us a list of things to test out this summer. 

I encourage you to check out this book and others like it for very cool, simple science experiments that will expose you kids to science experimentation.  

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