Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Phil Plait's Crash Course Astronomy

You may know Phil Plait as the Bad Astronomer, but he has a great new YouTube astronomer series out called Crash Course Astronomy.

Crash Course Astronomy Episode #1

The series just started and right now there are two episodes out.  I checked out the first episode and it is a fantastic introduction to astronomy for the non-science person.  The episodes are not long.  The first episode is 12 minutes, so you can easily find a time in your or your kids' schedule to watch them.
To top things off, Phil Plait is a great advocate for science education and does a fantastic job explaining difficult concepts in a very understandable way.  Plus he shows passion and is genuinely excited about astronomy.  Combine all of this together and you have an excellent astronomy YouTube series!  Check it out!

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