Monday, February 23, 2015

The Con

I'll admit it, my 7 year old conned me on Valentine's Day.  We weren't doing anything special as a family other than hanging out and eating dinner together, which in its own way is special as it's quality family time.  My 7 year old had checked out a family movie at the library earlier in the day and our plan was to watch it together on Sunday.  About an hour before dinner she says:

"Why don't we get carryout food and eat it in the living room while watching our movie tonight?"

All said with a big smile on her face.  :-) My response was "yes, let's do that!"  Now, I'm one who thinks it's important to eat together at the table with no TV/phone/other electronics distractions.  However, every once in awhile (every month or two) we have a special meal in the living room watching a family movie together.  We hadn't done this in awhile and neither my wife nor I were eager to cook dinner, so my 7 year old's plan was a darn good one!

So I drove out for carryout and we had a great meal followed by cuddling on the couch and watching a movie.  Later, after the kids had gone to bed, my wife says "you realize she conned you into getting exactly what she wanted, right?"  Yep, I fully realized that, but my daughter suggested something that I wanted too, so I couldn't resist.  LOL!

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