Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crime Scene on the Deck!

A few days ago my two daughters were outside playing, having a blast in the snow.  They were playing in the back yard and on the deck that extends from our patio door.  When it was time to come in, they walked around the house to the garage.  After getting all of their snow gear off, my wife and I noticed this on the deck.

My wife says "it looks like they murdered a small animal on the deck!"  Yes, it certainly does!  Obviously my children did not murder a small animal (I hope), so what did they do?  Their grandma gave them a set of colored snow 'paint' for Christmas.  They each received an empty squirt bottle-like container along with colored powder that you mix with water to make liquid snow paint.  

My daughters had a blast coloring the snow and then mixing it all around.  The colors they chose on this day were red and orange, hence the "bloody" deck.  No bones or animal carcasses were found!  LOL!

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