Thursday, February 12, 2015

What is in an Apple?

The other day I wrote on the amount of ridiculous 'advice' so-called food experts provide regarding what one should and shouldn't eat.  As an example I provided an image showing the composition of a banana.  A banana isn't simply a banana.  It's composed of several ingredients including water, sugar, and a bunch of other stuff that most of us can't correctly pronounce.  However, no one would avoid eating a banana because they can't pronounce the ingredients.  One might avoid eating a banana to prevent heartburn, but that's a different issue.

A banana isn't the only example of a common, all-natural food, that has a slew of ingredients confusing to 99% of humans.  Take an apple as a second example.  An apple is not just an apple.  It's composed of several ingredients, most of which cannot be correctly pronounced by the average person.

Yep, look at all those chemicals!  It's impossible to eat a chemical free food and anyone advertising chemical free produce loses my business.  These "chemical-free" signs are popping up at farmer's markets and all I can do is shake my head.  

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