Monday, November 23, 2015

Fruit Bat Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year my 5 year old wanted to be a bat.  No problem.  My wife made a very cool bat costume for her that had a mask and wings.  My 5 year old, however, did not want to be just any bat.  She was very specific in wanting to be a fruit bat.  Yes, a fruit bat!

So what brought this fruit bat obsession on?  A couple of weeks before Halloween my 5 year old's kindergarten class had a visit from a local biologist who brought in bats!  My 5 year old was talking about this for several days before and after the event.  This was very cool of her teacher to set this up and I'm so happy to see a school taking science seriously, but also in a fun way.  Bringing in bats for the kids to see was a great idea and now bats are planted in my daughter's head, not as something scary, but as something fun and exciting!  

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