Thursday, November 5, 2015

Visit a Used Book Store

If you're a parent you likely already know the importance of reading to your child as often as possible.  In addition it's important to encourage your child to read on their own once they've learned how to read. I've tried to make my stance on this clear through various blog posts on reading.  Here's something else you should do.  Take your child to a used book store.  Used book stores are an adventure your child will enjoy.

The reason I call a used book store an adventure is that used book stores are typically less organized than a new book stores.  At first this may seem frustrating, but it allows one to explore and discover hidden treasures!  There's a local book store near where I work that I've visited a few times.  There's a general pattern to book locations based on genre, but there are often piles of books on the floor that don't fit on the shelves.  The store is small, so books are stacked high and there's tight spaces everywhere, but I love it!  It allows me to explore and find books I may never have found in a new book store or from searching online.

Take your kids to a used bookstore and let them explore as well.  Most used book stores will have a children's or young adult section.  I guarantee they'll find something they like.  In addition, books at used book stores are MUCH cheaper than found anywhere else.  I've bought several books for $1.  Can't beat that!

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