Monday, May 23, 2016

Geeking Out With a Wall Clock

Anyone who's seen my office at work knows I've spent some time geeking it out.  There are several astronomy and Doctor Who posters decorating the walls.  I have a little Doctor Who Tardis hanging from a shelf.  A student designed a Doctor Who Tardis canning jar for me that is sitting on a shelf.  One of my more recent additions is a wall clock, shown below.

My wife got this for me for Valentine's Day this year and I love it!  Do you get the joke?  That's Jupiter on the left, Earth in the middle, and Saturn on the right.  Saturn, which has prominent rings, is watching Earth and Jupiter hula hoop with a 'ring' and says "It' not the same."  LOL!  There is a bit of bad science in this cartoon, however.  Jupiter actually has rings.  They are thin and not nearly as prominent as Saturn's, but they do exist.  Despite this minor bad science, I love this clock!

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