Thursday, May 12, 2016

Zootopia - Movie Review

**Warning:  This post contains a discussion on politics.  Not a deep discussion, but politics are discussed**

A few weeks ago my wife and I took our girls to see Zootopia.  Fantastic movie!  If you haven't seen it or taken your kids, do so.  Disney has made another excellent movie.

The basic premise of the movie is that there are two distinct groups of intelligent beings.  There are the predators and there are the prey.  Kids will love this movie and there's plenty of adult (although not crude) humor.  The movie may seem innocent, but there is a deeper, very important message sent to everyone who watches if one keeps his/her eyes and ears open.  

In the movie there is discrimination by the predators against the prey.  Later in the movie tides turn and there is discrimination by the prey against the predators.  In the end, both groups realize this discrimination takes place and society changes to eliminate discrimination.  Again, an excellent movie that sends the important message that one should not treat others differently for the lone reason that others are different.  This could apply to skin color, economics, religion, ethnicity, etc.  

As the movie ended I looked around and wondered how many of the adults truly saw/listened to the movie and the message it sends.  How many of these adults are turning around and voting for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, two political presidential candidates who have pushed for many racist and xenophobic policies.  Both have advocated for keeping certain groups of people out of the U.S.  Both have pushed for building a wall along the Mexico border to keep people out.  Earlier in the presidential season there was even a candidate who pushed for building a wall on the border of Canada!  

My political leanings are obviously coming out (I've never tried to hide them and you likely could have guessed prior to this post), but I'd like to see ALL politicians sit down and watch this movie.  Yes, it's a movie and real life is never as simple as a movie, but this movie sends a great message that everyone should hear.  There's no need to treat others differently simply because they look different.  

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  1. Nice review. This film was fun but also had some important messages.

    - Zach