Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TestTube News - YouTube Channel

Although not a dedicated science channel on YouTube, TestTube News is a good channel that produces short, 3 - 5 minute videos, on news items from around the world.  A new video is produced each day and focuses on a single topic.  Recent videos include What are the World's Newest Countries, How Airplanes Changed the Global Economy, and Why is NASA Based in Houston.

A few topic focus on more controversial political topics, but I've found this channel to be relatively unbiased.  They state the facts without stating any emotional opinions.  Check it out as you might learn something interesting.  The video on the newest counties taught me a few things I didn't already know.  

If you're looking for a YouTube channel with short videos that teaches you something new, but are also looking to branch away from pure science topics, than you should definitely check out this channel.  

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