Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deep Astronomy - YouTube Channel

There are several excellent astronomy themed YouTube channels you can watch to learn some amazing science, but Deep Astronomy is a bit different in that the author, Tony Darnell, adds a personal touch to the videos.  Darnell previously worked professionally in the field of astronomy but has always had a love for astronomy outreach.  Recently he quit his professional job and devoted himself full time to astronomy outreach.

Deep Astronomy - YouTube Channel

His videos at Deep Astronomy are amazing.  He does an excellent job bringing astronomy current events to the general public in a very understandable and easy to understand way.  In addition, he has the goal of producing more vlogs (video blogs) in which he discusses more of his personal life as it relates to astronomy.  I look forward to seeing these videos.

If you're looking for more astronomy education through short videos, Deep Astronomy is an excellent place to start!

Update:  Okay, so after posting this I realized I already wrote about Deep Astronomy a month ago.  Oh well, at least the posts are different.  I guess this goes to show how great I think this YouTube channel is!  You should most definitely check it out...NOW!!!  :-)

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