Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fraser Cain - YouTube Channel

Trust me, you do NOT subscribe to enough science based YouTube channels.  Since I know your list is short and you need more channels to watch, I encourage you to check out Fraser Cain's channel.

Fraser Cain - YouTube

Fraser Cain is an advocate for delivering quality science to the general public in an understandable format.  He's the producer of Universe Today and co-host of the Astronomy Cast podcast I believe I've mentioned before in a previous post.  I enjoy the Astronomy Cast podcast and once I learned he had his own YouTube channel and I went over and checked it out.  Love it!

He produces about two videos each week.  One video is a short, 5-10 minute video on some astronomy topic, and the other is a much longer video in which he invites other astronomers to a hang out chat.  I usually don't have time to watch an hour long video, but I've checked out a few clips and the hang out chats are very interesting and informative.  If you have the time, I'm guessing you'll find these longer episodes very worthwhile.

I've never met Fraser Cain, but I've heard from others (a former grad school colleague of mine was on one of the recent chats) that he's a great guy.

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