Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Disney World - Magic Kingdom

On our trip to Disney World earlier this month we had tickets for 5 days to visit the 4 parks.  After spending a day at each park, we decided there were still a few things we wanted to see at Magic Kingdom, so we used our fifth ticket day to visit Magic Kingdom again.

If you've never been to Disney, it is soooooo much more than the rides.  Yes, there are some cool rides, but if you're looking for thrilling roller coasters, Disney is not your place.  There are some roller coaster we apparently tortured our kids through (or so they tell us), but they are watered down in terms of thrills.  What makes Disney Disney is the incredible detail they put into every ride that goes from the ride it self to the waiting lines.  It is simply amazing!

On top of the rides there are the shows, parades, and mini-performances that pop up everywhere.  Then there are the characters located all over the park.  In our five days at Disney we stood in line to get signatures and pictures from 45-50 characters!!!  If you are doing characters, arrive early to the ones that have limited viewing times.  On our second day in Magic Kingdom we realized we were close to getting pictures with ALL Disney princesses.  We needed Tiana, but her viewing times were limited.  We hoofed it over there, getting in line 15 minutes before she was even coming out.  A few people behind us they cut off the line.  That's how hard it can be to get the pictures.  But the kids loved it, and admittedly, so did I.  I was the one wanted to get more pictures by the end of the trip.

In addition to character pictures, there are photographers all over Magic Kingdom ready to take your picture in strategic locations.  Buy the PhotoPass package for $149 and you'll get lots (over 500 for us!) amazing pictures of your whole family!

We did two character dinners, one at Cinderella's palace which is in the big castle Magic Kingdom is known for.  Super cool!  The other was at the Crystal Palace which is where Pooh bear and his friends reside.  Disney does an amazing job with character dinners.  They make sure every character (4-5 at each dinner) stops at your table for pictures and signatures.  The food is excellent and you never leave hungry.  It's very expensive (get a dining plan!) but Disney does not leave you wanting for food, that's for sure!

To conclude, we had a great time in our two days at Magic Kingdom!

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