Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Introduction to Poison Ivy

I have to admit that I was beginning to wonder if I was one of the small percentage of people immune to poison ivy.  Approximately 85% of people develop an allergic reaction, typically a rash with blistering, when exposed to poison ivy on the skin.  I've never had this pleasure, although I've hiked through the woods, particularly when geocaching.  That all changed last month.  Indeed, I am part of the majority and I learned this the hard way.  I usually try to be careful when geocaching, but apparently I failed and ended up with an allergic reaction to poison ivy all up my right arm and all down my right leg.

That's a SMALL patch on my skin that was effected.  Yikes!  A poison ivy rash can start 24-72 hours after exposure, so it's very likely I was spreading the oil as I moved throughout the rest of the day, making the soon to be rash worse.  Not much I can do now expect not itch it, apply lotions and anti-itch cream, and let it work its course.  It should clear up completely in 1-3 weeks.  

So, moral of this story is that you are likely part of the 85% allergic to poison ivy and you should definitely be on the lookout out for it when outside and when geocaching.  And if you spot it, avoid it!  Don't be like me and apparently bathe in it!!!

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