Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trip to the Wisconsin Dells

My family and I had a busy travel schedule this summer with a trip to Disney World in June, a trip to Minneapolis for a weekend in July, and a trip to the Wisconsin Dells in mid-July for a family reunion.  We've driven past the Wisconsin Dells several times on trips to see family and even stayed in a cabin one spring for a weekend there.  However, we've never visited in the summer when the Wisconsin Dells tourism industry is in full swing.  It's quite an interesting area!

There are several water parks, indoor theme parks, boat tours, camping, shows, excellent restaurants, etc.  We were here for a family reunion, so we didn't hit any of the water parks.  We did an indoor theme park, went on a duck boat tour, and enjoyed the time at our resort.  At the resort I took my kids out on the lake in one of the resort's rowboat which was cool!  

I will say that the Wisconsin Dells is expensive to visit in the summer.  All hotel/resorts are very high priced for rooms, tours can be expensive, and water parks are quite expensive too.  Just be aware of that.  You can have a lot of fun on the lake and river without spending much money, but you can also have fun spending quite a bit of money too!  Regardless of how much money you wish to spend, there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself busy and have a great time.  

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