Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My He-Man Toys

This summer my mom asked me if I wanted to bring my old Masters of the Universe He-Man toys home for my kids to play with.  After thinking about it I figure my 6 year old would probably love them!  So on a trip home this summer we picked them up and upon getting back home we opened the box to see what was inside.  I had quite a few He-Man characters when I was a kid!

I was impressed with myself that I remembered the names of some of the characters, but others I had no clue.  While we were cleaning them up we looked them up online.  My kids had quite a few questions as to what their powers were, whether they were good guys or bad guys, which animals they rode, etc.  It was a fun time.  Both of my kids have had fun playing with them at times since, so it was well worth driving to my mom's to get the box.  

If you have old toys from your childhood boxed up somewhere, consider getting them out for your kids to play with.  If your kids are like mine, they'll be really curious to learn a bit about your own childhood.  My 6 year old kept asking how I played with them, which characters were my favorite, how old I was, etc.  She was filled with questions which is exactly what I want from my kids.  Ask questions!!!  That's how you learn!

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