Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bingo - U.S. States Version

My 6 year old recently received a United States version of Bingo game for her birthday.  We've had a chance to play it a few times and it's a pretty cool version of Bingo that introduces kids to the fifty states.

Bingo itself is not an educational game.  There's no strategy behind it.  You win based on pure luck of the correct balls being selected.  However, this version of Bingo does have an educational aspect to it.  Each of the bingo state cards has information on the states.  This includes the state capitol, the state nickname, the state initials, and an interesting fact about the state.  So when a state card is drawn, you don't have to say the state name.  You can add a level of difficulty to it be saying the state nickname only or saying the fun state fact only or saying the state capitol only.  It's also a game that helps you learn the shape of the states for young kids who aren't already familiar.  In other words, a great birthday gift that combines fun with education.  Can't argue with that!  So chalk this up as another great gift idea or elementary aged kids.

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