Thursday, November 24, 2016

Daily Free eBooks

If you're a lover of books and always looking for something new to read or a new author to check out, consider signing up for the ArcaMax Free eBook Newsletter.

ArcaMax Free eBooks

Each day I receive an email with a few featured books to buy through Amazon, along with the free book of the day.  Many of these free books are self-published and the first in a longer series.  They are designed to get you to buy the latter books in the series.  Many are romance books I have no interest in, but it's quite common to see science fiction/fantasy books.  When there is one, I download it with plans to eventually read it, although eventually could be 50 years from now!  I've probably downloaded over a 100 in the last couple of years.  Whenever I'm looking for a new book or new author or simply want something different, I read one of these free books.

Some are complete crap, but others are surprisingly good and draw me in to buy the other books in the series.  This was true for the Exilon 5 series by Eliza Green I wrote about the other day on this blog.

I encourage you to check out this newsletter.  If you don't like it you can simply unsubscribe.  It does add one more thing to my inbox every day, but I scan to the bottom of the letter where the book is listed and then decide to download or not, followed by deletion of the newsletter.

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