Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gifts for Your Science Geek

With the holiday season upon us, my wife and I are looking around for cool gifts for our kids.  It's not always easy.  They both love science experiments, books, superhero action figures, etc.  Here's an interesting site I found while searching on the web for science-themed gifts.

The Best Geek and Science Gifts

Some of these ideas are really silly, cheesy, and just plain dumb.  However, there are several very cool ideas to be found on this page.  For example, my 6 year old is big into maps and I bet she'd love a shower curtain showing a map of the world!

My 9 year old would likely love a good science book.  Here's a great one from the makers of AsapScience (a great YouTube channel).

This is not merely a list of ideas of science themed gifts for kids.  There are several that are intended for adults.  For example, I'd love a space themed shower curtain for the bathroom.  It clashes with the current color scheme in our bathroom, but it looks cool!

Regardless of what your geek interests are, you'll find some very cool gifts for the favorite science geek in your life!

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