Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Okay to Be Smart - YouTube Science Channel

It's been a week or two since I last shared a science themed YouTube channel, so I thought I'd start the week with a new one that I've found to be excellent!  If you  haven't seen it, definitely check out the It's Okay to Be Smart YouTube channel.

It's Okay to Be Smart

I love the title of this channel because kids at time often think it's not okay to come across as smart or be geeky/nerdy.  Fortunately my daughter's have never experienced this, but as they enter puberty and middle school, it wouldn't surprise me if they come home one day being teased or bullied because they like geeky/nerdy things such as their current love for science and school.

I didn't have YouTube videos when I was a kid and am so glad this technology exists for my daughters.  It allows them to learn about science they may not pick up in school and/or realize there are so many others out there including women and minorities who love science and don't care that others are bothered by their love for science.

It's Okay to Be Smart produces a new video each week.  Recent topics include Death From Above, Ants in our Plants, and Is Sugar a Drug.  It's a great channel you should definitely check out.  Add it to your list.  As I've said before, you can never have too much YouTube science!!!

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